It got pretty hectic on last night’s The Late Late Show with James Corden. Airing from London, Jennifer Hudson and Corden went head to head in the latest edition of “Drop The Mic” on Wednesday night. Although known for her incredible vocal range, Jennifer’s wordplay ain’t too bad either. The epic battle saw the two exchange some vicious bars and JHUD came ready to dominate. But make no mistake, Corden was equally as qualified in this war of words.

You remember J she got famous in the states/ on American Idol for coming in seventh place… You won an Oscar for Dreamgirls I get it/ No one remembers you in that film because Beyoncé’s in it,” he said.

JHUD responded to that cringe-worthy line with a few of her own. “Listen London knows you James that part is true/ I can tell ’cause everyone here already hates you, Your success in America brought us down to our knees/ Singing, ‘London, ya’ll take this fool back please.”

The verses that followed were all but peaches and cream. After Corden followed up with yet another blow about Jennifer being the worst part of Sex and the City, she fittingly countered by mentioning her Oscar and Grammy count. Check out the full battle below.