Former U.S. Rep., Jesse Jackson Jr., and his estranged wife, former Chicago Ald. Sandi Jackson, are $1.8 million in debt, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Jackson is reportedly living on around $138,400 in federal workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance per year following his diagnosis with depression and bipolar disorder. He told reporters that he is unsure as to when he will get a job. The former congressman and son of Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. also said the couple will have to sell their Washington, D.C. home where Sandi lives in order to pay their lawyers.

Jackson Jr., 52, disclosed his financial status after a routine divorce hearing. Hearings in both Chicago and D.C. were held Tuesday.

“We’re about $1.8 million in debt,” Jackson Jr. told reporters. “The largest asset that we presently have to satisfy that obligation is the [house] in Washington. And it has to be disposed of.”

Jackson also said that he and his children presently are surviving on a disability check.

“It just doesn’t all equal what it should be to pan out, given our limited income,” he said. “Something has to give.”

Both the Jacksons have been unemployed since serving jail time for looting Jackson Jr.’s campaign fund to afford their lavish lifestyle. They own three properties: a home in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood and a house and a condo in Washington, D.C.

Jackson also attributed his difficulty sustaining employment to his “emotionally draining” divorce.

“This could have been settled out of the view of the press a long time ago, but Sandra will not return to Chicago,” Jackson said. “She’s made it clear to me, she’s made it clear to members of the family and our children that she will never return to Chicago ever again.”

Sandi Jackson wasn’t as vocal as her husband. Following the hearing in D.C., she simply told reporters, “I’ve had better days” as she left the courtroom.