The Rev. Jesse Jackson, television anchor Tamron Hall, a strip club proprietor and a model described as a “social acquaintance” of Jesse Jackson Jr.’s are among 12 people Sandi Jackson is seeking to include in her tense Washington, D.C. divorce case, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The information was disclosed to the public via new court filings on the high-profile proceedings, after the Jacksons both agreed to litigate the matter in Washington, Sandi’s new home.

Despite agreeing to mediate the case to avoid sensationalized headlines in April, a trial date has been set for Jan. 8, 2018.

In the days leading up to the trial, Jackson is seeking information from Rev. Jesse Jackson, Hall and 10 others who all “have been identified as persons having knowledge of the circumstances that led to the estrangement of the parties, financial issues raised, and allegations made in this matter.”

Jackson Jr. is being represented by Attorney Brendan Hammer. He said the matter will be resolved in court.

“The merits — or lack thereof — of Ms. Jackson’s motion will be addressed exclusively in court and with transparency, clarity and honesty,”  Hammer said.

Sandi Jackson’s attorneys did not respond to requests for comment about the latest court filings.