Anyone hoping Jesse Williams and real estate broker Aryn Drake-Lee, his estranged wife,  could work out their differences and reunite should probably let go of that notion; the relationship between the two is reportedly so contentious that they are no longer allowed to speak with one another.

The Grey’s Anatomy star and Drake-Lee have been ordered to communicate only through a court-monitored app, even when discussing their children, according to sources at TheJasmineBrand.

According to their temporary custody agreement, “The parents shall use “Our Family Wizard” app for all communications regarding the children’s health, education and welfare.”

Williams and Drake-Lee currently share joint custody of their children, 3-year-old Sadie and 2-year-old Maceo, under the agreement, which does specify that in emergency situations, the app will not be a required method of communication.

Williams filed for divorce in April of this year after five years of marriage.