Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams and estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, haven’t had the most amicable of breakups.

In addition to the activist calling out his ex on social media, the pair have reportedly been directed to communicate only through a court-monitored app during their divorce proceedings.

The father of two has now officially been ordered to pay Drake-Lee an advance of $160,000, to be allocated two ways.

The payment of $100,000 will serve as “temporary spousal support for [Aryn] and child support on behalf of the parties’ minor children,” along with an additional $60,000 to cover her legal fees and other costs, according to TMZ.

Williams has also been ordered to pay the mother of his children in three installments from his next three Grey’s Anatomy paychecks.

The former lovers also came to an agreement on the custody of their two children, Sadie, 3, and Maceo, 2. They’ll be split between the co-parents 50/50, but will be forbidden from meeting either’s romantic partners “until the relationship has endured at least 6 months,” according to People.

This clause certainly applies to Williams’ rumored new love, actress Minka Kelly.

Jesse Williams Minka Kelly Getty

The agreement came after much back-and-forth, as Williams claims Drake-Lee ignored his request for joint custody for months.

“I have repeatedly asked for more time with the children but Aryn, who insists that all of our communications be strictly through counsel which results in unnecessary delay and costs, has either ignored my requests or flatly refused without explanation,” Williams’ filing stated. “I am therefore requesting a Court order for a joint physical custody parenting plan … so that Aryn will no longer be the sole, unregulated gatekeeper of my custodial time with our children.”