Mediocrity is not in the game plan for Black and Brown skin. We’ve heard since childhood, that we must strive for excellence and show up with positive results.

Nothing less than the best. And if you’re a woman, then the work you put in has to be triple times the amount of your male counterpart.

That message was reiterated during the Women’s March that took place in Park City, Utah on Saturday during the Sundance Film Festival. The rally was one of the many held all over the world to fight against President Donald Trump’s views on women’s rights.

Comedian and former “The Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams shared a powerful lesson her mother instilled upon her early on, that she continues to carry throughout adulthood.

“She said, ‘You listen to me because this is the only time we’re going to have this conversation. You come from me and because you look like me—because you think like me and you talk like me and you sound like me and you have my skin—you are never allowed to be average. There are people out there who do not look like you that will get more than you have for doing average work. There are people who are the opposite of you that will actively fight to make sure you don’t have s**t. So you listen to me: You never, ever walk up in my house again talking about it’s OK to be average.’”

The moving speech came after Williams was slacking in school and carried a “C” average.

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