Don’t be alarmed because the title of this piece hints that there has been some disturbing disrespect aimed at songstress Jill Scott.

Remember when InTouch Weekly compared Solange’s natural coils to a shaggy Yorkipoo as part of their “Double Creature” feature?

While some gave it a pass, due to the fact of the feature being a staple in the publication, according to JET poll, it’s still a bit offensive.

The most recent incident involving Scott, came about during a segment on the French television show “Quotidien.” French actress, Alice Belaïdi participated along with others participated in a spot dealing with dogs. And here’s where the poor taste in funny came.

Host Yann Barthès, asked Belaïdi, who owns a Bulldog named Jill, why she chose that name.

Check the exchange below.

Clearly the bit was prepped and rehearsed. And clearly it was done so in bad taste. Nothing about that daggone dog is similar to “Jilly from Philly.’ Attempting to take the sting out by saying she’s your favorite singer, doesn’t excuse the rude comment either.

We’re sure this will probably roll off of Jill’s skin without second thought, she’s cool like that. But, any time one is disrespected, compared to an animal -especially when it comes off as blatant spite, we’re going to say something.