A best-selling author has coined a book meant to inspire women to live authentically.

Jo Saxton wrote, The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For, in an effort to remind and teach women how to “confront their past, break through stifling perceptions and live authentically.”

“In The Dream of You, Jo pulls back the curtain on anxiety millions of women may feel, with compelling chapter titles like: ‘Don’t Call Me Pleasant,’ ‘The Day I Lost My Voice’ and ‘Breaking Up With Perfection,'” a press release announcing the book states. “Saxton believes pain and society-placed labels often shape identities, but redemption is possible.”

Photo: josaxton.com
Photo: josaxton.com

The book, slated to be released in January, chronicles the personal triumphs and tragedies of Jo’s very own journey as a Nigerian child growing up in the U.K. The author eventually finds her own value in the world and as a result, has opted to share her knowledge in hopes of motivating women across the globe not to give up.

“In reading Jo’s book, I wondered if she had been reading my journals or eavesdropping on my conversations. She finds us where we are, whether broken, surviving, healing, or desperate for a change,” said Amena Brown, spoken-word poet and author of How to Fix a Broken Record.

In her book, Saxton also challenges readers to stop feeling like they must save everyone but themselves.

For more information on Saxton’s highly-anticipated book visit, her website.