“Every Moment,” Jodeci

Jodeci’s nostalgic new single “Every Moment” offers another way to stay toasty for those spending 2015’s first Northeastern U.S. blizzard with bae. K-Ci, DeVante Swing, JoJo and Mr. Dalvin glean vibes from ’93 for a signature romantic romper. With a midtempo pulse and lines like “Girl, you can get it anytime you want it,” Jodeci’s latest is the perfect update to your vintage Timb-knocking tracklist. This one came just in time.

“Story Time,” Ne-Yo

Every man has fantasized about it, but few actually muster up the nads to ask. “Well if I let you pick the girl, would that make a difference?” Ne-Yo sings. He’s talking threesomes, of course. This sure-fire standout from Ne-Yo’s new LP Non-Fiction (out this week) depicts a convo in which a guy nudges (and nudges) his lady about another woman being a feature spread between their sheets. But he’s in need of critical damage control after blurting a boneheaded comment about her friend, Stephanie. Try calling Olivia Pope instead, dude.

“Amazing Amy,” Lil Wayne feat. Migos

Someone’s been watching too much Gone Girl. Lil Wayne and Migos’s anticipated collaboration focuses on man’s inexplicable attraction to emotionally unstable women. (The title is a reference to the aforementioned Ben Affleck-starred thriller, in which a wife attempts to frame her husband for her own murder.) The Sorry 4 the Wait 2 leftover features a minimalist London on da Track instrumental over which Weezy proclaims his love for a deranged dime. “I must be crazier, she must be schizo,” he admits. “That bitch gon’ kill me.”

“Infectious,” Charlie Wilson feat. Snoop

Get your two-step and twirls ready: Charlie Wilson and Snoop Dogg’s latest track “Infectious” lives up to its name. A mover from CW’s new album Forever Charlie (out today), the upbeat groove slyly borrows the melody of Truth Hurts’ 2002 hit “Addictive” to celebrate the baddest gal on the dance floor. Snoop offers his usual smooth talk while Charlie brings the feel-good vibes that will have you fiending for summer BBQs and family reunions, like, now.

“FourFiveSeconds,” Rihanna Feat. Kanye West and Paul McCartney

It’s safe to say no one expected this from Rihanna’s first single: an aggy acoustic duet with Kanye West about being on the verge of spazzing out and landing in jail for the weekend. The first handful of listens to this latest PaulYe collaboration might leave you like meh, but it’s a grower. Kanye continues fearlessly wandering beyond genre lines; let’s just hope Rih Rih has some turn-up tracks stashed for R8.