Popular Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams may have lost her bid for state Governor, but is reportedly on the short-list to run alongside former Vice-President Joe Biden as he makes his bid for the country’s highest office next year.

Axios reports that Biden advisers are discussing the idea of announcing his presidential candidacy with a pledge to choose the voter suppression activist as his Vice President. While Abrams would add “diversity and excitement” to the ticket, advisers are also considering how the move could be read as inauthentic or simply a “gimmick” to secure the Black vote.

Rev. Al Sharpton also shared his thoughts on the potential team, saying Abrams’ presence could help the former Delaware Senator mitigate objections to his treatment of Anita Hill during Justice Clarence Thomas' 1991 confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss noted how unusual it would be for a candidate to announce their running mate so early in the process. Still, he believes the move could ultimately result in smoother governing.

"If Biden were to name his running mate long in advance of the Milwaukee convention, it might be very good politics. It also might ultimately provide good government. Voters in the primary process deserve to know as much as possible about the future they are opting for."