Kanye West recently shared his affinity for his “brother,” President Donald Trump, proudly proclaiming he loves and respects the former reality star. Longtime friend John Legend attempted to reach out to the Chicago rapper to share the dangers of Trump’s policies and practices, only for his messages to wind up on the internet.

During a sit-down with Angela Yee, the “Ordinary People” artist addressed the moment, saying he had no intention of trying to shame West but was only trying to let him the huge impact he has on culture.

“I wasn’t trying to make him feel bad, I just wanted him to think of what he’s saying and what it means to people. He’s talking about free thoughts and free thinking a lot and that’s fine for him to think whatever he thinks, but whenever he makes an utterance and he publishes it, it has impact,” Legend asserted.

The Grammy winner went on, “Politicians do things it has impact and when you align yourself with them it doesn’t mean your endorsing everything they stand for but your endorsing their agenda essentially. And if Trump’s agenda is bringing so much pain to so many people. Then I don’t think we should be endorsing it.”

Take a look at the star addressing his back and forth with West below.