As we celebrate the beauty of love throughout the month of February, actor and Hollywood heartthrob Jonathan Majors shared his favorite Black love stories with EBONY. From Martin and Gina of the comedy legend's eponymous sitcom--to Monica and Quincy of cult favorite Love and Basketball--take a walk down memory lane with some of the most iconic Black relationships shown on-screen.

Actors Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell of the tv show 'Martin' pose for a portrait in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images.

Monica and Quincy

Love & Basketball

Although Monica and Quincy were lifelong friends and bonded by their love of sport, they underestimated their deep love for one another until it was almost too late. When they realized that the affection they craved was right in front of them the whole time, we got one of the most memorable scenes ever made in a Black romance film.

Devon and Laila


Finding your bae while on campus while juggling the challenges of college life can be tricky. But if you find the right partner—like Devon did in Drumline—who shares one of your many loves, it makes the journey a bit easier. Even as he navigated keeping his ego in check, Devon's deep affection for Laila ultimately brings him back down to earth.

Martin and Gina


Martin Payne could be a little out of this world and lose his mind at the worst possible times, but he never played about his love and adoration for Gina Waters. The two of them matched each other's flyness and set the tone for romantic relationships in the 90s.

Robyn and Harper

The Best Man franchise

Owning up to your past in order to start fresh is a big deal. Although Harper's ambition seemed to get the better of him and throw off his relationships, Robyn's ability to keep it real with him always shined through in the earlier Best Man films.

Moesha and Q


The heart wants what it wants and Moesha Mitchell was always about following her own heart. Whenever Q entered the picture, her heart and logic seemed to collide and make for a sticky situation. Nonetheless, these real-life music icons always made a good-looking duo on camera.