Director Jordan Peele spoke with EBONY correspondent Jamaal Finkley about his Get Out follow-up, Us, after a recent press screening.

The Oscar winner said the “most rewarding” part of filmmaking is “to see people engage in conversation and things I’m interested in. I’m always trying to point my commentary at things that I feel like deserve conversation."

The movie stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke and follows a family as its members are terrorized by their doppelgangers. Peele told Finkley he had to grapple with his privileged life as a middle-class American while making the film.

“I’ve neglected what the privilege means in terms of the people who have suffered and continue to suffer to that I can have it,” the director said about his lifestyle. “We’re connected to other people. Somebody made these shoes. That is the message I wanted to then apply to the ‘us’ of it— the United States, the nuclear family … the ability to cover up what is uncomfortable for us.”

Peele also explained the film’s motifs of the white rabbit, a reference to Easter; and Hands Across America, a 1986 benefit event and publicity campaign, during which an estimated 6.5 million people held hands creating a chain across the U.S. for 15 minutes.

He concluded the interview by expressing how emotional it was to witness Spike Lee win his first competitive Oscar, for BlacKkKlansman, which Peele produced.

Us will be released in theaters March 22.