Jordan Peele teamed up with Buzzfeed News to do a hilarious yet informative public service announcement on media literacy. In the video, Peele voices former president Barack Obama as he speaks on the importance of trusting media sources and researching all the information posted on the Internet as “fake news” has become a concerning problem.


The media company used AI to make it appear Obama was saying the outlandish remarks from the award-winning director before he appeared onscreen.

“We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything, at any point in time, even if they would never say those things,” Peele said as a faux-Obama. “For instance, they could have me say things like ‘Killmonger was right,’ or ‘Ben Carson is in the sunken place.’ Or, how about this, simply, President Trump is a total and complete dips**t.”

Watch the hilarious clip above.