During an overseas event, “Americana” author Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie was asked an insultingly ignorant question about her native country.

Adichie, who is Nigerian, recently attended a “Night of Ideas” event in France where the outspoken feminist was interviewed by a French journalist. Caroline Broué asked Adichie, whose “We Should All Be Feminists” essay which was distributed among Nigerian teenage girls, about the country’s literacy:

Broué: Do people read your books in Nigeria?

Adichie: Shockingly, they do.

Broué: Are there bookshops in Nigeria?

Broué: You were talking about single stories, now when you talk about Nigeria in France, unfortunately, there is not much said about Nigeria, but when people talk about Nigeria it’s about Boko Haram,” she claimed. “It’s about violence, it’s about security. Now I should like you to tell us something about Nigeria which is different, talk about it differently. That’s why I’m saying “are there bookshops,” of course I imagine there are. I could ask the question to the French, do people read in France, I think less and less so.”

Adichie: I think [laughs] it reflects very poorly on French people that you have to ask me that question.

Adichie: Surely, it’s 2018. I mean, come on. My books are read in Nigeria. They are studied in schools. Not just Nigeria, across the continent in Africa.

Watch the full interview below: