For ColorComm CEO Lauren Wesley Wilson, motherhood has been something that was always in the back of her mind. Since she was young, she dreamed of having three children, especially since she grew up as an only child. But, as she got older, her career aspirations took precedent. There came a point when Wilson felt as though the opportunity to become a mother would pass her by, but after shifting her focus and intention, she and partner Alan Williams, a Presidential Appointee in the Biden Administration, will soon welcome their first child together this year.

"Being a business owner, a hard worker, leading teams, being a CEO and running ColorComm was very fulfilling for me for many years. Over time, you look up and realize this is not all I want out of life. I do want a family and children of my own. So, last year I made the decision to freeze my eggs," shares Wesley Wilson.

Though she conceived naturally—meaning she didn't have to rely on her supply of frozen eggs—Wilson admits that this pregnancy journey has not been easy. During the egg freezing process, her doctor revealed that she had fibroids.

"My doctor said they were not at the stage of needing to be removed, but as my pregnancy journey progressed, the fibroids have only increased," Wilson says. "This had also increased the level of pain, and for much of this journey I was placed on bed rest. There are a variety of things that you can and cannot do with fibroids. But I want to stress to other women, listen to your body and don't just try to push through."

Lauren Wesley Wilson and partner Alan Williams. Image: Diana Zapata, BFA.

The ColorComm founder recalls her own desire to try to push through, while constantly telling herself that she could manage.

"I wasn't okay," reveals Wesley Wilson. "What this experience has taught me is that it is okay to let go of the way you're used to doing things, and to release control. Even if we have a high tolerance for pain, we shouldn't have to. Take the rest that you need, and don't try to force it. My village has been super supportive. I also have a very supportive partner. It's a very vulnerable experience to go through, but I am so grateful to have people in my life who have really encouraged me through this and who are very excited for me."

Despite the pain, she wants other women to know that fibroid removal isn't the only or always the best option. There can be complications in addition to the healing process being painful as well.

"My gynecologist told me you can be pregnant right alongside your fibroids. They don't affect the baby, only the mother. It's not great, but it hasn't affected the baby, and now they're under control," says the ColorComm founder.

Wilson also offers advice to other career-driven women.

"For the ambitious women, who are go-getters and prioritize their career—if you want to have a family, put the energy into doing so. I personally told myself I wasn't going to any more conferences, and I scaled back on my work obligations prior to meeting my partner Alan. I prioritized love," explains Wesley Wilson. "The biggest thing for me was creating space to date. You can't do it all. One thing my career coach told me was, 'live as though you already have those things.' Meaning, live as though you already have a family or marriage, because now you have the space to let someone in your life and to date them appropriately," she explains. "You really have to be intentional on creating that mindset."