Killer Mike is known as a fairly progressive individual, never shying away from discussing real issues both on and off the mic. A recent interview he did with the NRA rubbed some people the wrong way, including MSNBC host Joy Reid, who was one of many public figures to question the Run the Jewels rapper’s decision.

In an effort to clap back at the host, the Georgia rapper attempted to call her out for promoting clothing store H&M, who recently produced hoodies labeling their Black boy model a monkey.

“So Me doing an interview about black Gun Ownership with the NRA is ‘bad’ but u promoting a company that tagged a Black Child a Monkey is ‘good, cool, acceptable,’” Killer Mike wrote.

Reid, however quickly shut the Dungeon Family member down, alerting him that the “H&M” on her post stood for “hair & makeup.”

″‘H&M’ stands for ‘hair and makeup,’” Reid responded on Instagram. “The two women beside me in this pic did my hair (H) and makeup (M) for a shoot. … And here I was thinking you were an intellectual, and not just the guy who hangs out in the sunken place talking guns with the NRA’s ‘official black guy.’”

She continued, “Also … who starts a feud in Instagram comments? Is your Twitter account locked?” she added.”

After a prompt digital thrashing by way of Black Twitter, Mike admitted to his mistake and confirmed that he would love to speak with Reid in person to discuss the NRA and Black gun ownership.