Joy Reid of MSNBC’s AM Joy has been sued by a Donald Trump supporter claiming Reid falsely accused her of hurling racial slurs at a teen in a photo that went viral this year.

The Blast reports that Roslyn La Liberte says Reid used “her substantial social media presence, fame, and reputation as a hard-hitting journalist” to share the “fake news” with her followers that La Liberte “screamed abhorrent racial slurs” at a 14-year-old boy.

According to La Liberte, the political analyst claimed on social media that she showed up to a rally and “screamed” at the teen that he is “going to be the first deported.” She also claims Reid accused her of calling the child a “dirty Mexican,” which she denies.

La Liberte believes Reid’s comments “were also born out of her personal animus and dislike of President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and supporters of each, including those wearing MAGA hats.” She also claims to have received hundreds of death threats following Reid’s statements.

Reid reportedly apologized on Twitter and deleted the accusatory posts, but that isn’t stopping La Liberte, who is suing for defamation and seeking damages in excess of $75,000.