A judge has blocked Pennsylvania from discounting ballots next month by voters who lack the photo identification required under the new voter id law.

Voters will be asked for their identification at the polls, but will vote by normal procedures and their vote will count regardless of whether they have an ID, according officials on both sides of the case.

Judge Robert Simpson of the Commonwealth Court wrote in an order released this morning that the injunction would have the effect of extending the transition period of the law — when voters were asked for identification but could vote without it — through the November election. His order allows election workers to ask voters next month to show identification.

As signed into law in March, the voter ID requirements calls for voters without acceptable identification to cast provisional ballots that would count if they verify their identity within six days.

The judge also ruled that the state cannot require voters to seek identification from the Department of Transportation before pursuing the less rigorous Department of State identification. State officials announced last week they would allow voters to bypass applying for the PennDOT ID.