The Florida man who shot and killed a man stemming from an altercation over a handicap parking spot will not have his bail lowered, according to NBC News.

Michael Drejka’s public defenders tried to get a state judge on Thursday to lower his $100,000 bond in a case that involved the state’s “stand your ground” laws.

Drejka was charged with manslaughter after he fatally shot Markeis McGlockton on July 19 outside a Clearwater, Florida convenience store.

A Florida sheriff did not arrest Drejka following the incident because he said he feared for his life after McGlockton pushed him to the ground after he confronted his girlfriend, Britany Jacobs, for parking in a handicap parking spot while the father of three was inside the Circle A Food store with his 5-year-old son.

“The thing about a manslaughter, of course, is there’s an alleged victim who is dead,” Judge Joseph Bulone of Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court said. “I did consider all of the facts that were alleged in the case.”

The controversial law, which went into effect in 2005, protects gun owners who use deadly force if they feel their life is being threatened.

“It sends a message that you cannot just kill people. You cannot be a vigilante,” McGlockton’s family attorney Kelly McCabe told reporters after the ruling, per NBC News. “You cannot just kill someone in front of his children and his partner and get away with this.”