Proceedings were scheduled to continue Thursday morning with discussion of a defense request for acquittal regarding the case against Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Goodson is one of six officers charged in the April 2015 death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Defense attorneys for Goodson filed a written motion at the conclusion of the state’s case asking Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams to issue a judgement of acquittal, based on the defense’s claim that prosecutors have not proven that Goodson was guilty in Gray’s death.

Goodson is the second officer to opt for a bench trial. Last month, Officer Edward Nero was cleared of all charges after also going on trial without a jury.

Goodson is facing the most serious charges out of all of the officers, including second-degree depraved heart murder. Gray died a week after his arrest from a severe spinal cord injury. Both sides agree he suffered the injury while being transported in a police van driven by Officer Goodson. They have argued over when and how the injury occurred during Gray’s 45-minute transport.

Prosecutors claim Goodson did not properly secure Gray in a seat belt or call a medic for him after he had requested one. Goodson, 46, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree depraved heart murder, three counts of manslaughter and related charges.

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