Black Americans spend more than any other consumer group during the holiday season. So it’s the perfect time to spend all that merry green on Black-owned products and businesses.

“I generally think that buying Black should be something done year-round,” declares Adeola Wright, founder of Julo.Shop, an e-commerce site for Black-owned products. “But especially during the holidays, it’s a great time and a great opportunity to share really amazing things with people you love. That's what the holidays are all about.”

While you’re spreading cheer, you can also spread the word. “Buying Black is a great way to introduce your friends and your family to amazing Black-owned brands," Wright continues. “There are some pretty amazing things out there by Black folks that people don't even know about.”

What’s even more moving is the stories behind many of the products featured on the Julo.Shop platform, which eases the process of finding and purchasing Black-produced goods that are sustainable, non-toxic, healthy and genuinely good for the community. 

There’s Vicky Cakes, created by Christian Sargent, a mom of four who used her mom's recipe to create an amazing pancake batter base that tastes pretty bomb. “It's vegan and it's so good, it’s like she’s sharing a piece of her family with the world,” Wright exclaims.

Vicky Cakes
Vegan Breakfast Bundle

Price: $15

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The luggage brand The Takeoff Collection is a top choice for the traveler in your life. “The owner Imani Bashir traveled all the time, and she created this luggage that's so transformable—you can actually separate it to be a book bag. If you're a mom and you're traveling with a newborn, you have a special insulated compartment for your needs,” says Wright.

Take Off Collection brown
The Takeoff Collection
Expat Bag

Price: $150

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FOLKUS offers eco-friendly and sustainable stone paper goods inspired by Black and ethnic designs and storylines. “No trees were harmed in the development of this little journal, and the designs are so beautiful," Wright declares. "It’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves to journal or draw." 

Bele Stone Paper Journals

Price: $25

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Wright, who created the Julo.Shop in 2016 after hearing Maggie Anderson speak about her year of buying Black at The Black Business Expo, is dedicated to growing the platform to highlight even more Black-owned brands. "We are working on a shopping app to bring more ease into the shopping experience as we continue our efforts to introduce people to their new favorite products,” Wright shares. “There’s just a plethora of amazing Black-owned brands. And the holiday season is the best opportunity to share these gems with the folks that you love.”