Black art is immensely valuable as it holds the power to shift, transform and amplify the experience of Black folks everywhere. As major companies and brands finally begin to understand this, it is increasingly important to support the efforts of Black artists as they do this work. A great way to do this is acquiring and curating your own personal arsenal of pieces by these artists. For someone new to the art collection game, it would be a unique gift to give this holiday season.

If you are unsure where to start, check out these Black digital artists.

Rachel Motley

Rachel Motley The Toffee Collection 4-Pack, $86, Image: courtesy of Rachel Motley

A graduate of Howard University, Rachel Motley took a chance on herself and jumped into devoting her career to creating meaningful art that prioritizes elements of Blackness. In addition to her work, she frequently partners with entities such as Nike, ESPN, and the NBA to bring colorful activations for specific projects to life. The realism seen in Motley's work is intergenerational and shines brightly.

Nick Davis

Nick Davis Comfort Zones, $100, Image: courtesy of Nick Davis.

Nick Davis uses the color black as a deeply enriching primary focal point in his work. Commonly reimagining characters societally coded as being Black or giving animated icons a bit of extra flavor, Davis' pieces often pull you in through the smoothness and vibrancy within each one. He has created elaborate versions of familiar portraits of Black leaders such as Toni Morrison, Chadwick Boseman and James Baldwin.

Thaddeus Coates

Image: courtesy of Thaddeus Coates.

Merging Black pop culture with glorious melanated depictions of fictional characters, Thaddeus Coates, aka Hippy Potter, creates melanated versions of beloved comic figures. As an illustrator mastering his craft with vivid colors and impeccable technique, he has collaborated with numerous brands such as Pyer Moss and Marvel. His works evoke joy and will bring that same energy into any space where they're on display.

Reyna Noriega

Reyna Noriega TheBlues, $70, Image: courtesy of Reyna Noriega.

Utilizing earthy tones and abstract shapes and lines, Reyna Noriega's work is indicative of #BlackGirlMagic and all things innately Black. Incorporating elaborate layering of detailed textures, varied color palettes and accents, Noriega's art showcases feminine form while highlighting beauteous features of the Black body. Aside from prints, her work has been commissioned broadly, and she also sells other goods that feature her art.