A Day of Dinners is bringing more than 10,000 people across the country together on June 25th, for 500 potluck-style dinners in 48 U.S. States and around the globe. The aim is to build more closely-knit communities to tackle the hate many neighborhoods are currently facing. 

The Dream Defenders are hosting an International Day of Dinners in efforts to combat hate.  Almost a year after the death of Philando Castille and a few days after the contentious court ruling, 10,000 people have registered to host a day of dinners in his and many other victims lost to police brutality.

“In a country where government leaders, corporations, the courts and police consistently fail us, who else can
we look to for support and protection? Each other,” says Dream Defenders co-director Umi Selah. “On Sunday,
in homes across the country and the world, we will be creating the necessary bonds and tight communities we
need to forge ahead into a better, thriving future in America.

“We’ve got people signed up everywhere from Miami, New York, L.A., Boston, Denver, and D.C. to
Birmingham, Greensboro, Flint, and Gulfport. Nearly 10,000 people have let us know they want to come
together by registering,” said Rachel Gilmer, co-director of Dream Defenders. “Getting out of the rut we are
facing in this country will require us all to do new things. One of those things is having real, meaningful
conversations and share our cultures with new people.”
Those wanting to host or attend a dinner can visit DayofDinners.org to sign up. Attendees from across the country are being matched with hosts who have registered in their areas at random. The website allows dinner guests to message each other, specify dietary needs, add a guest and see who else will be joining their dinner. Hosts will be sent conversation guides on Wednesday and be provided with webinars that include topics they can touch on, tips on how to facilitate meaningful conversation and pointers on how to handle conflict, should the need arise.