Jussie Smollett is a man of message.

With his eyes glued to the current state of society, he’s not one to sit back and just watch as social unrest and injustice take place, he steps in with action. Whether joining a protest or being the voice in support of imperative causes, he’s an artist on the front lines and using his artistic platform to further inform and raise awareness.

It runs in his family.

While the Empire actor and musician is setting sights on recording music outside of the Fox series, he hopped in the booth to deliver a poignant visual and message that further expresses just how “woke” he is.

Directed by Smollett with a creative directorial assist from Frank Gatson, “F.U.W.” offers a moody visual shot in sharp black and white that addresses social and political issues ranging from racial and religious inequities to human rights. The song also takes deep cutting stabs at Trump and his divisive administration.

Smollett questions:

“Why are we back in the past?/ It’s the same script different cast/ All of these alternative facts/ Catch me outside how about that?/ Why is it so hard to keep hope?/ Who got that popular vote?/ Was the whole thing just a joke?/Was the whole thing just one big joke?”

“The song is for the oppressed,” Smollett said in an interview with the Associated Press. “That’s why I feel people will connect to it because it’s very broad, because oppression is so broad.”

His words along with the pictorial messaging work together as a strong and prominent statement that concludes with the notion that “it’s a f—-ed up world. But here we are in it. And I ain’t going nowhere.”

There’s work to be done, and you can bet on Smollett doing his part and encouraging others to do the same.

Watch below.