EBONY will be hosting a live stream of AFTER TRAYVON: A Message for Black Males, a community gathering about the Trayvon Martin case, racial profiling and what Black men need to be doing right now. Noted author and activist Kevin Powell will deliver keynote remarks at the event, which is co-sponsored by Bucktown USA, Akila Worksongs, Buzz Brand Marketing and Colorofchange.org.

For those in the New York area, the event is taking place at the House of the Lord Church- 415 Atlantic Avenue (between Bond and Nevins) in Brooklyn. Doors open at 6:30 and admission is free.

In the meantime, here is a quick roundup of our coverage of the tragic case to date:

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An Open Letter to Joe Oliver: Akiba Solomon responds to one Black man who dared to stand up for…George Zimmerman. 

Understanding the Law That Protects Trayvon’s Killer: Take a look at ‘Stand Your Ground’ and find out how it’s protected Zimmerman, but not his victim.

Congressman Rush Kicked Off House Floor: The former Black Panther donned a hoodie to speak about Trayvon’s murder.

Teens Talk Trayvon on ‘Melissa Harris Perry’: The harassment Martin faced before his death rings close to home for three of his peers.

NAACP President Demands Justice for Trayvon: An op-ed from Ben Jealous.

GOP Candidates to Obama-‘Stop Making Racist Murder a Race Issue’: Presidential hopefuls (foolishly) react to the POTUS’ remarks on the murder. 

A New ‘Strange Fruit’: Martin’s murder harkens back to the days of lynchings and Emmitt Till.

Trayvon, Sports and Me: David Leonard says the case reminds him yet again how unbalanced the scales of justice and freedom are in this country.

Mothering Black Boys in the Face of Hate: How do we love and care for our sons in a world that seeks to destroy them?

Will There Ever Be Justice in the War on Black Males?  Will this case finally be a tipping point? How long do we have to fight?