Week 2 of the George Zimmerman trial kicked off yesterday. After a full day of jury selection, attorneys heard testimony about the hotly-debated audio of the incident. State experts claim that the screams heard in the background of a 911 call belong to Trayvon Martin, while the defense is claiming that it is their client. 

James L. Wayman, a biometrics expert, testified that the state's audio work is not trustwothy. According to The Orlando Sentinel he told the court that they would need to be replicated to prove who was actually yelling. 

According to Wayman, there's "simply not enough data, by anybody's estimation."

State expert Alan R. Reich, maintains that Martin is the one heard on the tape, screaming and crying  “I’m begging you” moments before Zimmerman shot him to death.

Four potential jurors have cleared the pretrial publicity questioning and were asked to return on Wednesday for the second round of questioning. Among those not asked to return included a man who admitted to having donated to Zimmerman's defense fund.