Singer/songwriter Justine Skye, in addition to enjoying the success of her latest EP 8 Ounces, is venturing into the world of cosmetics. According to Billboard, Skye, who is a part of an international trio of promising singers that includes Dua Lipa and Lee Hi, will be the first to kick off M∙A∙C Cosmetics Fashion Forward campaign. On April 13, Skye aka “The Purple Unicorn” will debut her soft purple iridescent highlight powder.

“I love using highlighters and wanted to do something sparkly and purple to represent me and my purple hair. The purple shimmer can be used to create a futuristic look or a 90s look, depending on what you want,” Skye, 21, told Billboard. “Personally, I use the iridescent powder as a highlighter on my cheekbones.”

As Skye grew up she always battled with her mom about dying her hair purple and wearing extensions. After much begging, her mother finally let her dye her tips purple. Skye told Billboard that each time she left the salon, the hue intensified. Eventually it just became apart of her identity, additionally a comfort zone.

Skye announced her exciting collaboration with MAC on Instagram earlier Thursday:

The rising artist released 8 Ounces in December, featuring The Dream. Additionally, Skye is currently working on a VH1 Behind The Music inspired video tied to the EP.

“It feels like a great thing to be able to support artists who are breaking through but aren’t necessarily at the top top, to push them forward,” said MAC Senior VP and Creative Director James Gager in a statement to Billboard.


Courtesy of Mac Cosmetics
Skye’s iridescent highlighter Courtesy of Mac Cosmetics

The highlight powder will be available online & in select markets April 13 through May 25, 2017. 

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