K. Michelle said she has moved past her issues with Nicki Minaj following allegations the rapper was upset about the singer’s friendship with Meek Mill. During an interview with Raquel Harper on the BET series, Raq Rants, she shared the status of her relationship with the former couple.

According to BET.com, K. Michelle’s initial issue stems from Minaj swiping the song, “Buy A Heart,” which is featured on her 2014 album, The Pinkprint. The singer alleged that the record was given to her after Mill passed it up. However, when the rappers became a couple, they did the song together excluding the Memphis-born singer.

K. Michelle believed Minaj’s actions were malicious because the rapper was reportedly uncomfortable with the singer’s close relationship with her then-boyfriend.

Inquiring about the currents status of the bond, Harper asked K. Michelle if she put money on the rapper’s books while he was locked up for a probation violation earlier this year.

“No and I never went to see him,” K. Michelle responded. After explaining the issue with the song, she added, “Why do me like that and you in jail?”

“A girl came in, she telling people to come take my Dreamchasers chain and everything—[and] I wasn’t even wearing it,” she said referencing the former relationship with Minaj.

Harper asked if the female rapper ever got the chain and K. Michelle said, “Hell nah, b**ch! You gonna run through here…”

The songstress revealed that she isn’t mad about the situation but said she would never be friends with the “Barbie Dreams” rapper over it.

K. Michelle, however, wished the best for Mill considering they had such a tight friendship. “I always thought you were extremely talented,” she said of the Philly rapper.

“They need you out here in the streets helping the kids. We don’t need you back in jail. So, stay on your sh**.”

The Raq Rants segement with K. Michelle will air on Jan. 8 at 11 p.m. EST/ 8 p.m. PST only on BET.