Redemption is indeed a powerful thing. Kimberly Michelle Pate, a.k.a. K. Michelle, knows that all too well. She has perhaps had more rumors swarming around her than most reality stars. But the Memphis native has finally learned how to take it all in stride by accepting her flaws and flipping them into profitable positives.

After overcoming heartache more than once, and acknowledging plastic surgery controversies, the 31-year-old is making the most of her fame. With her December sophomore album Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?, a tour and two television shows in the works, a possible move abroad, and maybe even another baby down the line, there’s no time to entertain the trivial. She’s on the grind to make all her dreams come true.

EBONY: You’re currently on the road. What should fans expect from the My Twisted Mind Tour?

K. Michelle: This is my first full production. It will still have an intimate slumber party feel with a few added theatrics.

EBONY: As a Love & Hip Hop alumna, have you ever questioned the way the show depicts Black women?

KM: Nobody is forced to bicker or fight. Cast members get so desperate to stay on the show that they do outlandish things. They should be held accountable for their actions. No one can blame the show’s executive producer, Mona Scott-Young, editing or VH1 for his or her own bad behavior.

EBONY: You’ve gotten flack for augmenting your body. Any regrets?

KM: No; I absolutely love it. I decided how I wanted to look, and I paid for it. In a way, it feels empowering. It’s not like I’m taking away from my culture or from who I am. I’m not bleaching my skin, I’m just removing some fat that popped up, which shouldn’t have been there anyway.

EBONY: You have a song called “Build a Man.” Describe the perfect guy for you.

KM: He’s corporate with a little ’hood edge. I’m just really somewhere else right now. I need someone who is at least 40 years old. A grown man who smells good and can wear a suit.

EBONY: What does happiness look like in your world?

KM: Having complete peace of mind and getting my business in order. I have a scripted show in the works. I’m also collaborating with Scott-Young to develop a remake of the reality show Cheaters. Additionally, I’m planning a move to London; they really embrace me there. I also hope to have another child within the next two years, even if it’s via adoption. Motherhood is such a great thing. Ultimately, I just want to get to a place where I’ll be happy and let my money work for me.