K. Michelle is as transparent as they come, often sharing the details of her personal life with fans both on television and social media.

The “Can’t Raise a Man” singer, once again, opened up to her followers this Thursday with some surprising news that has supporters both excited and genuinely concerned.

The Memphis native revealed on Twitter that she was recently diagnosed with Lupus, but gratefully, received a negative result during a follow-up visit.

“I was devastated for 2 weeks…but my body was tired, my mind was just beat down. My [follow-up] results from the doctor came again as a dormant or negative. So, I fell 2 my knees to praise.”


Still, the star’s dreams of carrying her own children vanished when her doctor further explained her fertility issues.

“Then [I got] a call from my OBGYN saying that if I have twins they would not be full term because of my size and health. Literally I was so broken.”

The former Love & Hip Hop star initially placed blame on herself, believing God was punishing her for having an abortion several years ago.

Despite the sad news, the powerful vocalist was overwhelmed with joy when a doctor called saying they found the “perfect surrogate” to carry her twins.

Check out her full explanation below.

K. Michelle later thanked all of her fans for their prayers and support.