In recent months, K. Michelle had been vocal about the health issues she faced due to complications with her butt enhancement procedure. On Thursday night, the singer had better news to share, revealing that a doctor deemed her capable of getting pregnant without the use of a surrogate.

“Guess who was FINALLY given the go ahead to carry my own babies? ME!” K. Michelle announced. “Man, It’s been a journey. No surrogate needed. Embryos can come out the freezer.” She continued, “I’ve been so to myself and in prayer and thought. Now headed out to open doors on another business. It feels like Christmas, I’ve been so scared! Babies and business, LIFE AINT THAT BAD [sunflower emoji].”

The “Either Way” singer spoke about her plans to expand her family on episodes of her VH1 reality show, K. Michelle: My Life. K. She has a son, Chase, from a previous relationship.