Vice President Harris will swear in Los Angeles Mayor-Elect Karen Bass who will become the first female mayor in the history of the city, reports The Hill. 

The historic inauguration will take place outside City Hall on Sunday, December 11, 2022.

Harris, the first woman to be elected Vice-President of the United States, stumped for Bass and other Democratic candidates last month at a Get Out The Vote student rally held at UCLA.

"I know Karen Bass," Harris told the crowd. "I've worked with Karen Bass. When I was in Sacramento and she was in Sacramento, I saw how she would tirelessly fight for the people of this region, the people of our state, and the people of our nation. Karen Bass has a long history of always being on the side of people, fighting for the people."

After winning a hard-fought race against real estate developer Rick Caruso, who spent more than $104 million on his campaign, Bass admitted that being elected as the first female mayor of Los Angeles was still “sinking in.”

“When you’re in a position like this—and I was in a similar position when I was sworn in as speaker—it means that you have extra responsibility. You always have to make sure that you maintain excellence in every step of the way,” Bass said. “The path that you go is laying the foundation for those that come behind you.”

Throughout her campaign, Bass pledged to solve the city’s ongoing homelessness crisis.

“She is holding her inaugural ceremony on Sunday to make it easier for Angelenos to attend and to ensure her first day as mayor is dedicated to bringing unhoused Angelenos inside and making our city safer and more livable for all,” Bass’ office said in a statement announcing the ceremony.

Elected to the California State Assembly in 2004, Bass made history as the first Black woman to serve as speaker of any state legislature in 2008.

In Congress, Bass served as the head of the Congressional Black Caucus and was elected to six terms in office.  As one of the most prominent members of the Democratic Party, Bass was on President Joe Biden's shortlist for vice president in 2020.

Bass' term as mayor officially begins on December 12, 2022.