Kamala Harris kitchen cooking
Once a Senator, now the Vice President enjoys the art of cooking and family traditions. Credit: Jack Kurtz/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

I’m an incredible cook.

Seems a lifetime ago when Kamala Harris was “just” a  US senator thinking about running for president.  That was 18 months back; Harris is now, of course, the newly elected Vice President under 46th President Joseph R. Biden (D).  Luckily for us, EBONY has always suspected there was more to the then-Senator, now-Madam VP than her bad-ass political chops—and when we asked, she definitely told.  Here’s the humble brag moment when she let us know her pork chops are no joke either.

EBONY: Who are you outside of politics?

VP Harris: I am a wife and a mother and an auntie and an incredible cook. Where am I outside of politics? I would say in my kitchen.

EBONY: What’s your most requested dish?

VP Harris: Oh, I have so many; honestly, I really do. I mean, my family loves it when I make—I’ll tell you because I actually have a bet with [North Carolina political leader] Rev. Bishop Barber about who makes the best collard greens. And we have yet to have our cookoff, but I know I’m gonna win! I make all kinds of things. There’s a Bolognese that I make that I cook for four, five hours. The other night I did some really wonderful pork chops. It depends. I recently did this really lovely mushroom lasagna . . . I could go on and on.

EBONY: That’s wonderful. How did you get into cooking?

VP Harris: My mother was a great cook, all the women in my family have been really good cooks, so I just grew up at their apron.

EBONY: Would you say cooking is your escape, or is there something that you do when you’re like, “I need a minute?”

VP Harris: Cooking is my escape; there’s no question. I am a complete human being no matter what I have going on; I have cooked Sunday family dinner. When I don’t, that’s when I feel like I have no control over my life, and that’s not a good feeling.

* Q&A excerpted from EBONY November 2018