Kandi Burruss has officially signed on for the next season of CBS competition series Celebrity Big Brother. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared her strategy for walking away with the $250,000 grand prize.

“I’m gonna try not to allow anybody to have time without me. Meaning, like, when I see people breaking off on their own—I’m gonna go, like, ‘Oh hey! What’s up?,” the Xscape singer said. “Because from the few episodes that I saw, it’s like those people who go and have, like, these sidebar conversations—they are plotting. So I’m like, ‘Ok. I don’t want anybody to plot when I’m not there.’ I wanna always be amongst the big group."

She added: “Cause I notice they have some bedrooms that are, like, four and some that are two. Now, in real life, I would normally pick the room that has the least amount of people. But in this situation, I’m gonna pick the room that has the most amount of people, because you get to bond with those people. That means more people on your side, right? And more people that can’t talk about you when you’re not around!”

Check out the clip below.