Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) star Cynthia Bailey appeared on Kandi Burruss' YouTube series Speak On It, where she addressed lying to NeNe Leakes about intentionally inviting her on-again off-again nemesis, Kenya Moore, to a filmed event that aired during the Season 11 finale of their reality show.

According to Bailey, Moore, a former RHOA cast member, was invited to her event but declined because she knew Bravo cameras would be present and she wouldn't be paid for her appearance.

Burruss said she attempted to get Moore to show up despite her original plans not to. "We've all been invested in her finding love and her eventually having her baby that she always wanted. It did not work out for her to be on the season," she said. "I just felt like we were kind of cheating the fans for them not being able to at least being able to see her pregnant."

Despite her efforts, Burruss said she was unaware of Moore's decision to come until seconds before she arrived. "At the end of the day, I knew that she possibly might be coming but I did not share that with Cynthia."

Taking ownership of her role in convincing Moore to change her mind, she added, "I was the one who got Kenya to come. I was the one who talked her into it. But I did not get a confirmed answer until I pulled up at the party."

Despite getting backlash from Leakes following the RHOA season finale, both reality stars denied malicious intent. "This was not a plot or plot against NeNe," Burruss explained.

"Us wanting Kenya to come by the party during a taped episode had nothing to do with NeNe. I know that she has been putting it out there that we have been plotting against her, but this has nothing to do with NeNe," she said. "Yes, we are both friends with Kenya. I would like to see her back on the show. But it has nothing to do with NeNe. … We want all of them to be there."

Bailey agreed. "I have publicly said many times, Kenya and NeNe are both great for the show. Why would I plot to get NeNe off the show? Can I even get NeNe off the show? I didn't even know I could get NeNe off the show," she added."

Leakes recently took to Twitter explaining that she was not offended by Moore's presence, but she was upset with Bailey for acting like she had no idea she would be attending the event.