Kanye Struggling with Yeezus Tour

During his tour stop in Kansas City last week, Kanye West only raked in 4,500 fans in an arena that holds 19,000. On Friday, crazy Ye continued with his struggle tour, performing at a venue in New Orleans with a barely there upper deck. Is Mr. Kardashian losing fans? I don’t know, but his super-amped psychosis and rant-raving tendencies might have just a little tiny bit to do with his sudden failure to pack stadiums—just a little.

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Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin + Janelle Monáe Join the Obamas’ Xmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the White House was injected with some soul this year as R&B sangers Mariah Carey—along with the twins (her babies, not her boobs)—Janelle Monáe and Aretha Franklin hit the stage to serenade the First Family and friends. M. C. sang “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” Monáe performed “The Christmas Song,” and the Queen of Soul got fly on ’em when she had an Army band sergeant pull out an umbrella to protect her ’do from the rain as she sang “Joy to the World” and “The First Noel.” And you know the night wouldn’t have been complete without a social-media inspired photo shoot so Mrs. Cannon and Náe-Náe could flex with Aretha on the IG. (SMH.)

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MC Hammer Owes IRS $800K in Back Taxes

MC Hammer’s financial woes from the 1990s are still haunting him to this day. While Mr. Untouchable was living it up in million dollar mansions and partying with Ray Ray, Peaches and Pookie from down the street, he forgot about delivering that bread to the IRS. (Okay, he had already filed for bankruptcy—a.k.a. broke—at that point, but I just felt like saying that.) Uncle Sam is suing Stanley K. Burrell (and his wife Stephanie), for $798,033.48 on S-Dot’s ’96 and ’97 income taxes. Now every dirty dime Hammer Time’s LLC collects will go straight to the U.S. treasury to quiet down that bill. Let us bow our heads and pray for Pastor MC.

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