While Kanye West is ruffling feathers with his open admiration for President Donald Trump, the rapper is also said to be launching a social welfare program for the disenfranchised residents of his hometown, Chicago.

According to TMZ, through his Donda Social initiative, West would like to help thousands of Chicago residents with issues surrounding education, housing, gun violence and drinking water. The program is named after his late mother, Donda West, who moved to Chicago with her son he was about 3 years old. And per longtime collaborator Malik Yusef, the rapper has reportedly teamed up with prominent figures from the Windy City such as Common, Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa to help bring about change.

The celebrities will use their platforms to exert their influence by going into the community to listen and engage with people at ground zero. Through this dialogue and interaction, they will use their power, money and access to bring about practical solutions for the struggling areas. Where government officials have failed Chicago, the program will allow people from the streets to help to fix their own communities.

In one of his his pro-Trump tweets, the rapper said that there were no changes made in Chicago during President Obama‘s eight years in office . It seems as though an announcement about the new program is imminent.