Somehow, Kanye West always manages to top the last outlandish thing that came out of his controversial mouth. At NYC nightclub PH-D, West recently played a portion of his latest track titled "Perfect B*tch." To resolve any speculation as to whom he was referring to, West revealed the track's muse quite directly. 

"I wrote the song Perfect B*tch about Kim," West tweeted. 

In addition to Kardashian, West also indirectly refers to his longtime ex-flame Amber Rose in the track, as he did in the equally controversial "Way Too Cold." The full track will be released on his upcoming G.O.O.D compilation album "Cruel Summer," which is set to hit shelves on September 4. 

As lovely-dovey as Kimye seem to be, West would do well to reevaluate the way in which he refers to his girlfriend. Then again, this is the artist who's prone to rap before he thinks.