Kareem Abdul Jabbar is taking on some new off-the-court territory. The former Los Angeles Laker, NBA Hall of Famer, all-time leading scorer, and all-around great guy may have just tapped into the fountain of youth. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a move to engage youth people worldwide, appointed the legendary hoops star the State Department’s cultural ambassador. The honored distinction will have the 7-foot-2 author and scholar promoting the importance of education, cultural communication, and social and racial tolerance as a means of youth empowerment.  Abdul-Jabbar’s latest book, What Color Is My World? The Lost History of African-American Inventors, was released earlier this month, and serves as the perfect introduction to his commitment to excellence.

We commend the multi-hyphenate international man of empowerment on his well-deserved appointment and look forward to witnessing the next phase of his journey. Where should the NBA legend take his talents to in order to empower todays youth? And how might this new appointment change the game for ball players who aren’t as committed to social awareness?