According to TMZ, Karrueche Tran has filed a restraining order against her former flame, Chris Brown.

Though the pair have been separated for years, Tran filed a statement with the court claiming Brown recently “told a few people that he was going to kill me,” and physically abused her while the were together.

In the statement, Tran also claimed Brown “threatened to shoot me” and “punched me in my stomach twice,” and “pushed me down the stairs” during their relationship. TMZ notes, the alleged assault occurred when Brown was on probation for the 2009 assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Tran and Brown’s on-again-off-again relationship has been fodder for gossip blogs since they first started dating, but since their split, Tran has—at least publicly—moved on to focus on her career, which includes working as an actress and TV presenter.

Back in January, Tran interjected when she became the subject of a beef between Brown and rapper Soulja Boy.

After Brown claimed he kept Tran “poppin,” the actress said she’s been minding her business and would appreciate if the singer stopped mentioning her, which sent him into an angry outburst.

A few weeks ago, Brown even posted a video rant on social media about stalking an ex-girlfriend. “If I love you, b—h, ain’t nobody gonna have you,” he said. “I’ma make you miserable.”

Tran, an actress and TV personality who currently stars in the AmazonPrime series The Bay, claims Brown’s verbal abuse has persisted, prompting her to file the restraining order.