UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - MAY 05: Karrueche Tran visits "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 5, 2016 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)
UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – MAY 05: Karrueche Tran visits “Extra” at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 5, 2016, in Universal City, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)


Karreuche Tran has come a long way since the public was introduced to the Angelino back in 2010. The 29-year-old beauty has moved beyond tabloid fodder and on to bigger and better things, now using her immense popularity for several great causes.

In part one of Tran’s exclusive interview with EBONY, the CLAWS actress dishes on the upcoming IMARA women’s empowerment retreat, charity work and using her voice to push our youth in a more positive direction.

Tell me a bit about the upcoming IMARA retreat.

I’ve partnered with The Colored Girl to launch IMARA, which is a women’s retreat happening next week (Feb. 18-25) in Morocco. The real point is to empower women. It’s about finding our strength and creating a unique experience for women to embrace each other.


And in a beautiful place like Morocco, no less!

Yes, it’s going to be such a wonderful retreat! There will be different hosts and presenters for different panels. It’s all about uniting women with good energy and vibing together in a beautiful setting. The owner of the hotel is the first Black woman to own her own hotel in Morocco, which in itself is amazing. I just want women to come and learn from each other.

We’ve also partnered with The Global Diversity Foundation, which is working to help and benefit migrants in northern Africa around the retreat who are currently facing inhumane conditions. There will be food shelters and different job opportunities; it’s actually really amazing.

I know you’re also working with the Environmental Media Association. How did you become involved with that organization?

I had the opportunity to present at the Environmental Media Association Awards three years ago.  Just being there and talking to different people and really seeing and understanding what EMA is all about, I knew I wanted to help. I’ve always been into philanthropy, so I thought to myself, ‘Oh, wow! This is definitely something I’d love to be a part of.’

How did you come to serve on the board of directors?

I met with the head of EMA and let them know that I have a huge platform and would love to learn more about what they do while doing what I can and utilizing my voice to spread their message, which is really just to save our planet. We really want to get the millennials, which is a large part of my audience, involved. Eventually, they are the ones who are really going to make a difference.