Karrueche Tran did an interview with Paper Magazine that was published on July 13, in which she addresses feeling body-shamed for her petite frame.

Tran started in the entertainment industry as a model but that quickly became overshadowed with gossip headlines once she became the girlfriend of Chris Brown. What came with that former relationship was the constant intrusion of her privacy and relentless critique of different aspects of life including comments on her body, which still happens today.



The 30-year-old pointed out the idealized body shape is unrealistic. “Not everyone has that. That’s not average at all, most of the girls who look like that are buying it. It’s wrong for these young girls who grow up with this message and think they have to look a certain way.”

Tran experiences body-shaming when she posts pictures to her over 7.9 million followers. Last year, a rapper commented on her small body after she posted a bikini picture. The actress responded to the criticism saying “constant judgment makes it hard for people to love and accept themselves and that’s wrong.”

The Claws co-star also said she felt pressure to get her body surgically enhanced because women with big breasts and large butts is what is currently coveted in society. “I used to think I had to be thick and have big boobs,” she said the publication. “I thought about getting my boobs done, but I was like one: I don’t know how my body’s going to react to that, and two: why am I changing who I am because of other peoples’ comments? I can represent other girls out there and make them feel confident, which is hard in this world where everyone just wants to be thicc.”