Whether she's killing looks on the red carpet or showing us her range of talent as Virginia in Claws, Hollywood it girl Karrueche Tran simply has that je ne sais quoi pas. The Los Angeles-born actress is also known amongst friends and family as one of the best party hosts around—whipping up delicious cocktails, curating themed dinner menus or putting together playlists that keep the party vibes going into the early morning.

As we continue to move through the holiday season, and prepare for our New Year's Eve parties and events, we wanted to know how we could host our friends and families like a star.

"You have to start with the music. For holidays, many of the streaming apps have really good soulful holiday playlists," says Tran. "I'm very structured and like to plan everything out. I have a set menu for food, whether I'm cooking or having something catered. My decor is important; I love a good color scheme and candles. And, I have to make sure my outfit looks good, too."

Kerrueche Tran hosting a dinner party with friends. Image: Jorge Meza for Zacapa XO.

Of course, for those adult-only vibes, the drinks are equally important. It's not enough to just have a few spirits and mixers. To truly host like Tran, you'll want to also make sure your home bar cart is stocked with some key items.

"You have to have the essentials, and I like to plan ahead to make sure I have everything I need. I love beautiful glassware like Baccarat or Tiffany's. You'll want to have a shaker, citrus peeler and a nice decorative tray; it will always elevate the aesthetic of your bar cart. Also as I've gotten older, I've really just gotten into great, luxury beverages. Right now, my favorite is Zacapa XO. It's a great sipping rum and the bottle is absolutely gorgeous. I don't like cocktails that are too sweet, so I like to take my drink on the rocks and then throw in a nice orange peel. I'm also really into espresso martinis right now."

Tran shares that in order to solidify your spot as the king or queen of hosting, not only do you want to make sure your guests have a drink in hand and that everyone has been fed, but you need to ensure that everyone is entertained. For her, incorporating fun, interactive games is a great way to break the ice.

"Games always get the conversation going and helps loosen people up. It's just a great time," she says. "Prior to your event, make a list. Make sure the food and drinks pair well. Think of a theme, like an ugly sweater party or a black velvet party. There are so many things that can be done. But in the end, just have fun and enjoy the time with your friends and loved ones."