The Tribeca Film Festival, from June 7 - 18, is back again for another year of highlighting exceptional films and filmmakers across various backgrounds. The festival is celebrating diversity on-and-off screen and have curated a stellar roster of content that is sure to be memorable.

Here are a few films and experiences to check out during the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival.


Starring Pam Grier, Damon Wayans, Hailey Kilgore and David Iacono, this film draws inspiration from blaxiploitation films of the 1970s to tell the story of how far one would go to make the dreams of others, along with their own, come true.

Kinfolk: Black Lands

The footprint of past Black communities have been largely erased from New York City's consciousness. Idris Brewster brings an engaging AR experience to commemorate the past, present, and future of these communities in NYC.

The Space Race

Continuing in the spirit of uncovering NASA’s dynamic history, this film sheds light on the trailblazing Black astronauts who have helped make the institution and field of astronomy what it is today. In the midst of societal challenges, these geniuses continued to contribute to the scientific landscape while navigating a space that is relatively unknown.

Of Night and Light: The Story of Iboga and Ibogaine

A spotlight documentary at the festival this year, this film follows the story of an interracial couple who discovers ibogaine, a psychedelic compound used to help various diseases and afflictions. Derived from the iboga plant—grown across the Gabon region—and explores the concept of psychedelic treatment as a viable medical solution.


Creators Novaya and Centre Pompidou merged mixed-reality mediums to bring to life the experience of civil rights activist Claudette Colvin's 15-year-old self. The installation is inspired by Tania de Montaigne’s award-winning biographical essay on Colvin, who was arrested as a teenager in Alabama for refusing to give up her seat to a white person.

Between The Rains

Navigating climate change and adolescence, a young orphan of the Turkana-Ngaremara community in Northern Kenya strives to understand the changes.


Over the past few years, the United State's national anthem has been a contentious subject for many, especially those in the Black community. Composer and pianist Kris Bowers and producer Dahi travel across the country and document what a revised anthem would look like through the lens of "true" American music genres.

Black Girls Play: The Story of Hand Games

Black girls are some of the most underrated creatives around. This film explores the impact that the hand games they've created have had on American culture.