In this latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies (sans Kim) head to South Africa, with Marlo has an unexpected guest of Ne Ne. After a 16-hour flight, they land in beautiful Cape Town.

Louis Luggage Lugging – The exit out of the airport in South Africa was anything but fast. Marlo and Ne Ne brought a quite the load of Louis Vuitton luggage. When asked why she packed so much for a 10-day trip, Marlo responded with “Shoes and Birkins always have to come with me.” But ALL the ones she she owns though? Ok.

Marlo a Goddess of Etiquette? – As they head to their hotel, Marlo gives an etiquette quiz after she insists she needs her own bathroom. Good etiquette would have been telling her travel mates that she was coming on the trip, and apologizing for the inconvenience.

Brunch Over the Cape – The next morning, the ladies have brunch on the balcony of their penthouse rooms. Cynthia was there looking like Stevie Wonder from the cover of one of his albums in her long braids, dashiki and shades. Phaedra presented them with inscribed silver mirrors. All except Marlo, who pouted and had to be reminded no one knew she was coming. Sheree then said she was going to a friend’s house that evening for dinner, and only Kandi and Phaedra were invited. To call it awkward would be an understatement.

Kim is Home All Alone – Without Kroy at home, Kim felt like she needed more help, and we all wondered what Sweetie was there for. But her parents came over for dinner and Sweetie joined them to eat as Kim fed KJ.

Yacht Crusin’ – Back in Cape Town, the ladies took a beautiful yacht tour. All was well until Marlo told Kandi she’s not welcoming enough. Cynthia the cosigner agreed, and Ne Ne brought up her one-sided beef with Phaedra. The ladies talked it out so it was all worked out. For that moment, at least.

You’re Uninvited – After the tour, Sheree, Phaedra, and Kandi plotted their outfits for the dinner at Sheree’s friend’s house. Cynthia joined and invited them to dinner as a kind gesture. Sheree invited her to the dinner they were going, but made it clear that Marlo and Nene were not. Cynthia said she had to think about, but quickly found herself to Marlo’s room telling the other girls, and all harmony was broken.

Marlo felt insulted and jumped to confront Sheree. In no time, the argument turned into a full-fledged yelling match. In the heat of the moment, Marlo even dropped an F-bomb that rhymes with “maggot.” It was a bad look all around, and Marlo went on to prove why she shouldn’t be invited to K-Mart, let alone dinner at a friend’s house in South Africa.

Apparently, when peace is still, it must be shaken up. Next week, the ladies will be going on a safari, and Marlo rocks shiny MC Hammer pants to see the lions. I’m looking forward to it.

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