Choose the answer to each question that best describes you.
1. To your dismay, foreplay has been more first than third base over the past few months.
Assume your mate is just a bit overworked, but don’t bring it up.
Meet her or him in the boudoir in your favorite latex ensemble … grrrr!
Light a few candles, pour two glasses of wine and hope the magic happens.

2. Dinner dates used to lead up to your being the main course; now, most of your partner’s attention is directed toward the menu.
Check in with the waiter to make sure your honey’s meal is prepared the way he or she likes it.
Kick off your shoes, then let your feet engage in some under-the-table fondling—Fifty Shades of Grey style.
Gaze into his or her eyes all night. You’re just enjoying the moment.

3. Daily texts to your partner most likely read:
“Do you need me to bring anything home?”
“I want to get some tonight.”
“Remember that night?” with a #TBT tagged to an image of you two on a date back in the day.

4. Your anniversary is approaching. You’d like to take a minivacation, but your special someone prefers a full-out bash.
Make a list of all the things you need to prep for the party. Sacrifice is king.
Book the getaway during the weekend, eliminating the party as an option.
Think win-win and do both.

5. Your mate has just returned from a jog, glistening, breathing hard and looking rather sexy.
Prepare a healthy snack. (S)he will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Disrobe and join her or him in the shower—you’re happy to scrub those hard-to-reach places.
Promise a back massage once (s)he gets cleaned up.

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