Every episode of “Basketball Wives” from this season has made me question how this show has a gift of finding the most immature, emotionally-underdeveloped ladies. It’s astonishing that folks who are supposedly grown can act so childish, and react so basically to the most simple situations.

Royce’s Lunch Gone Wrong –Royce takes her father and her boyfriend Dezmon, to lunch, so they can be on the same page. Royce introduces every man she dates to her dad so who can blame him for not taking her serial monogamist ways seriously? She’s the child who cried wolf (if wolf meant love). Lunch goes awry her dad calls her needy, and Dezmon agrees with him. She storms off crying and Dez goes after her to calm her down. But that only happens after she did the ugly cry and whines like a baby. It’s barely cute when toddlers whine to get their way and it is SURELY not cute when a grown woman does it.

Evelyn and OchoCinco Cuddle – Evelyn and Chad cuddle in bed because he has a fever. The couple’s being goofy lovebird, talking about their upcoming wedding. Evelyn makes sure she’s looking her best, rocking her beloved high pigment eyeshadow. Closed pores are real. I must admit that if OchoCinco and Evelyn weren’t such attention desperados, they’d be really cute together.

Anger Management Referral –Tami and Evelyn go for a walk and talk about Tami’s anger management sessions being really helpful. Apparently, the fact that Kesha hasn’t been beat up yet is proof of this. Ummm I guess. Evelyn wonders whether she should take some anger management course—and I wonder why she even thinks it’s up for debate. The answer should be a massive YES, so she can stop fighting in the streets like a pitbull.

Beautiful Tahiti, Bad Attitudes – The ladies decide to take a trip together to Tahiti to relax as a group. Yes, because going out of the country with folks you need professional help to avoid injuring is smart. Womp.

Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn, Kesha and Tami fly in together, and no time is wasted before bickering starts. On the way to their hotel, Tami focuses on Kesha’s cough, in an obvious reach for something to argue about. No, you don’t need to instruct her to cover her mouth. Tami’s petty was showing and she needed to tuck it in. Upon seeing their nice bungalow, she exclaimed “I wish I had took this trip with my dude instead of four b*tches.” WELL WHO FORCED YOU, TAMI?

When they all went on a boat with the plan to swim with some mini sharks, the other ladies chickened out. But when Kesha mentioned that she was having second thoughts about getting in the water, the ladies barked at her, saying they were annoyed she was scared of “every little thing.” Why shouldn’t she be scared of SHARKS? Especially since the rest of them were on the boat safely sipping drinks, not getting their weaves wet. Kesha did end up swimming though, and I feel like they were hoping she got bit.

Kesha couldn’t do anything right in the eyes of Tami, and when she starts asking Shaunie and Evelyn questions about whether they got rings when their ex-husbands won championships, Tami snapped. Maybe it was the alcohol in her system to blame but she went off all of a sudden, yelling at Kesha for supposedly talking about her. All poor Kesha could do was sit there and blink slowly as this madwoman throws a one-sided tantrum over hearsay.

On this next episode, Tami takes Kesha’s bag and challenges her to come get it from her? I can’t pretend to understand this foolishness.

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