When this season of Basketball Wives started, I liked Tami Roman, because she stayed out of the drama and threw side-eyes when necessary. Tami is now my least favorite character on a show full of unlikable chicks and this last episode cemented my dislike of her.

Roman’s Wrath Reloaded – The ladies are in Tahiti, and a shot of alcohol too many sets Tami off, activating her inner Incredible Hulk. Tami is enraged about Kesha telling Royce and Suzie that she wanted to go off on her so she she turns her chair to face her as she yells. Poor Kesha is expectedly scared because she sees the devil in Tami’s eyes so she gets up from her chair and stands a safe distance away.

As Roman Reloads and keeps going, Kesha realizes she can’t reason with her, so she goes to her room, leaving her bag behind. Tami takes her bag and insists that she won’t give it up until she gets an apology. She even puts on her sunglasses and goes through her iPhone. So not only did she bully the girl until she basically ran away, then she engages in petty larceny and invasion of privacy. Losing.

Pursuit of the Purse – Later, Kesha asks Suzie for help in getting her bag back and she’s told that Tami wants an apology. FOR WHAT? So Kesha goes to hotel security and reports her bag stolen. Suzie, being the perpetual snitch, tells Tami, who says “The thing I don’t like about Kesha is she’s 30-something years old and still operating like a child.” Pot, I’d like to introduce you to kettle!

Kesha was smart for going to security because I wouldn’t try to go toe-for-toe with some bigger broad who’s trying to fight me. There’s no glory in boxing when you don’t get paid for it. And Tami looks like she’d try to destroy her! Real Gs call the police on overgrown goons.

Shaunie and Evelyn go to Kesha’s room and find her bawling when Roman knocks on the door and comes in with the bag. She then lets Kesha knows she doesn’t respect her because she couldn’t even come ask for her bag. Why should someone have to apologize to retrieve their own property? Also Tami, no damns are given about you not respecting Kesha. Your respect ain’t worth an Iota of a gram of anything.

Finally, she gives Kesha her bag, but not before this:

Tami: “Here.” **extends bag to Kesha** Kesha: “Thank you.” **tries to take bag** Tami: **snatches bag back** “Did you ask for it?” Kesha: “Can I please have my purse back?”

She finally gets her purse back, and hops off Tahiti quicker than you can say “wig snatch,” 48 hours after getting there.

I was embarrassed for Kesha and honestly ashamed for Tami.

During this whole ordeal, none of the other ladies ever spoke up to tell Tami she was doing the most with the least. They were too busy being scared of Roman’s wrath.

Dolphin Debauchery – Suzie, Shaunie and Evelyn go swimming with dolphins, and while there, they ask for a bucket of dead fish to prank Kenya before she arrives. They get a key to her room and put the fish in various nooks so when she gets there, her room will smell like an aquarium, despair and bad seafood. Suzie says “I feel like this is just a practical joke. We’re not trying to hurt her.” Shut up, Cletus the slack-jawed yokel! There’s nothing funny about the mess you ladies are causing and who’s gonna clean all that up?

I didn’t know people like this existed in anywhere but scripted movies and episodes of “Dallas” but they are awful!

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