“The Basketball Wives” know how to bring trouble to paradise and they continue with this most recent episode. You’d think they’d chill in Tahiti and have some fun in the sun but all they do is bring shade to the place.

Yacht Ride Ridicule – As Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami take a yacht ride, they pass by Jen’s bungalow and see her laying outside. Then they start griping about how she’s been on the island for a whole day and hasn’t attempted to contact them. They’re too petty for words.

A Snitch Called Suzie – Suzie has dinner with Jennifer, and then meets up with the other ladies afterwards. In usual japer jaw fashion, she tells them everything they talked about. Suzie is the Paul Revere of Basketball Wives. She stays being the town crier. I wish she’d learn to shut her mouth because when stuff hits the fan from her snitching (which is often), she’s as quiet as a church mouse. Suzie tells the gals that Jen mentioned how she doesn’t have time for fights since she’s grown, so she “lawyered up.” I can’t blame her! What’s the point of trying to snatch people’s wigs off when you can get a lawyer to handle them?

That Girl Cray – Kenya and Jen had been in Tahiti for a day and none of the other ladies had seen them so Shaunie and Tami go to Kenya’s hut to see if she’d come out if they asked. Also, they wanted to see if she got her room cleaned, since they sneakily put dead fish all in the place. When they get to Kenya’s cabin and she opens the door, the terrible smell of fish hit them, and it seemed Kenya didn’t notice. This makes her incredibly gross because that room must have smelled like an aquarium, a lady’s public bathroom and grossness. I have no idea how she was able to sleep in that room.

When Kenya sits down with the other girls, she starts staring each of them down until they ask her what’s wrong. She seems to still be angry about Evelyn throwing bottles at her from earlier in the season. Ev responds by giving the worst apology ever and telling her “I was mad…” Kenya says nothing, but continues to look at her with these crazy eyes that convinced me that she’s the kinda chick who’d be watch you sleep and you’d wake up and she’d be all “you’re so peaceful in slumber.” CRAZY! Eventually, she does accept Evelyn’s non-apology and she stops staring at them, thankfully. She even admits that she’s crazy. If  or when she discovers that they put fish in her room, she might go postal on them.

Jen Steps Out – The ladies seem to be irritated that Jen has still not come out her room to say hello to them. I don’t get why they felt such urgency to see her but it was probably because they wanted to start something. At Kenya’s beckoning, Jen does come out her bungalow and the outrage she greets from the others surprises. “Ok Jen. What you not gon do is come to this island and NOT talk to me.” – Tami. WHY NOT??? I’m not sure why any of them feel like Jen owes them conversation.

Then Evelyn joins them and attempts to talk to Jen to iron out their differences but Jen isn’t having it. She gets up and leaves and Ev follow. For once, Evelyn actually came to Jen cool and calm, but I can’t blame the latter for peacing out. They’ve tried to talk many times and it usually ends up in fisticuffs so why even do it? Within 3 seconds of this attempt, Ev was already back to calling Jen a ho, so there goes that.

Next episode, we see Evelyn spill more tea about Jen than she probably should.

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